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Jay McBain & Shari Godgart

Channel Eyes
The reaction at Channel eyes when we saw the video was utter disbelief. Our jaws were on the floor and we were amazed with the quality and movie like ability of the video to tell a story. The reaction from independent people that we’ve show it to… we had words come back like Disney & Pixar. People thought that this was a trailer for a major motion picture. We were just absolutely delighted with the work Varvid did!

Jeannine Edwards

Director of the ConnectWise Community – ConnectWise
They have the quickest turn-around time in the industry! We had them work with us at our Partner Summit last year and we were doing all day long, quick turn-around viral videos that we could run on our dynamic social media live site for the summit. We had the Varvid team right in the action capturing sound-bites for us which were later put together into a fantastic clip that served as a testimonial reel for folks wanting to look at sponsoring the Partner Summit in coming years. … It was so effective!


Christy Sacco

Director of Operations – HTG Peer Groups
Varvid has been absolutely fantastic to work with. The entire team is very flexible, very professional and very thorough. Events are always chaotic. (Attendees) are a moving targets and you have stay on top of them, keep track of them, - follow up, follow up, follow up! Varvid does a great job of that while remaining professional. One of the key things that Varvid brings to the table is the fact that Aaron and his team started in the IT Industry. They can relate to our attendees and really use that to draw information and feedback out of the people they are interviewing. They are well in tune with everything that’s going on in the IT Industry and are able to create really good content that’s relevant to the industry and relevant to the customer.

Lisa Marie Jenkins

Speaker, Writer, Transformational Coach
The very first time I was representing a very large corporation, I had never been on video before, so I was quite nervous. They did a phenomenal job of making me look like a pro, getting my nerves still and walking me through with patience. I have worked with them since personally and I love them! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for professional video work.

Joe Pannone

CEO – Forza Technology Solutions
The Varvid video was the catalyst for more work!...When I asked my wife, she thought it was great...my kids liked it too and I showed some friends as well. An interesting thing that came from a lot of them was, "Oh, that's what you do?" Forza in another month will be 20 years old and I haven't been able to tell some of my friends successfully what I do! This two minute video has!

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